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New Video “Apparition”

Aug 14, 2009 {0 Comments}

Chris DiCesare and I shot some footage in the spring and I recently edited it into a short piece called “Apparition”. My goal was to play with Apple’s Color, which increased creativity. The music is “You Woke Me Up” by the amazing Andrew Bird.

Spring in the Park Video

Mar 24, 2009 {0 Comments}

I set out to film the last of the cherry blossoms and captured the essence of the early (as usual!) LA spring.

Pirates! Arrgh.

Mar 11, 2009 {0 Comments}

My new video. Belly dancers and mateys for some pirate-y goodness.

Taming the Wolf Cover Painting in Stages Video

Feb 22, 2009 {0 Comments}

I created this short video from the stills I captured throughout the painting process. I will also create a longer motion video of the entire process from drawing to final book cover. Song is ‘Easier’ by Grizzly Bear.

Wolf Painting in Stages from Tracy Stone on Vimeo.

Valentine’s Day Animation

Feb 14, 2009 {1 Comment}

I created this animated ‘card’ for my luv on V-Day. Happy Valentine’s!

A Simple Story from Tracy Stone on Vimeo.

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