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Weekly Inspiration › Artist Chad Robertson

Mar 11, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’ve admired Chad Robertson’s paintings for a number of years now. His new work is chaotic, frenetic awesomeness.

Chad Robertson Painting Mash-Up 13

Weekly Inspiration › Photographer Ellen Kooi

Mar 6, 2009 {0 Comments}

Beautiful, dreamy photographs by Ellen Kooi. She creates magical realist scenes with a fine sense of color and depth.

Ellen Kooi Photograph De Houtweilen

Weekly Inspiration › “Yankee Girl”

Feb 24, 2009 {0 Comments}

Yankee Gal is a wonderful short film directed by animators Céline Desrumaux, Gary Levesque, Francois Pons and Antoine Perez during a course at Supinfocom animation school in 2008. They spent the entire year making the film and I believe it was well worth every second.

Weekly Inspiration › Becca Mann’s Paintings

Feb 17, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’m drawn to the paintings of Becca Mann. She paints from found, forgotten Russian photographs. Excellent composition.

Becca Mann Romanov Family Portrait Painting

Weekly Inspiration › “Scintillations”

Feb 9, 2009 {0 Comments}

Simply magical stop-motion video by Xavier Chassaing.

Chassaing Scintillations video still

Weekly Inspiration › Shih-Ting Hung’s “VIOLA”

Jan 29, 2009 {0 Comments}

Shih-Ting Hung’s thesis film, “VIOLA: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant,” is a surreal coming-of-age short. From Motionographer.

Shih-Ting Hung's Viola, image from Motionographer

Weekly Inspiration » Cristiana Couceiro

Jan 22, 2009 {0 Comments}

Am loving the Portuguese illustrator’s work. She has a blog, Sete Dias, and a Flickr account.

Cristiana Couceiro Illustration

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