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Inspiration: Matthew Lyons

Feb 1, 2010 {0 Comments}

Illustration by Matthew Lyons

Loving these retro, futurist illustrations by Matthew Lyons. Found via Abduzeedo.

Inspiration » Roy DeCarava

Nov 2, 2009 {0 Comments}

Photograph by Roy DeCarava

A very talented photographer, Roy DeCarava, died last week. He left behind 60 years of poignant photos of African-American life in New York. He was the first African-American to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship. Check out more of his work. Found via Monoscope.

Inspiration » Mark Weaver

Oct 2, 2009 {0 Comments}

Illustration by Mark Weaver

I’m a huge admirer of designer Mark Weaver’s collage and illustrations that combine travel postcard landscapes, 50s architecture and ads, and space exploration with graphical forms and typography. Check them out on his Flickr set Make Something Cool Every Day. Visit his personal portfolio to see more photo and design gems.

Weekly Inspiration » Yosigo

Sep 2, 2009 {0 Comments}

Photograph Everybody by Yosigo

Yosigo’s beautiful, bleached photographs allow the viewer access to unique perspectives of populated vacation environments such as beaches, pools and snowy mountains. Check out his portfolio and flickr photostream, a must see!

Weekly Inspiration » Shapeshifter Website

Jul 27, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’m enchanted by Shapeshifter’s website and thoroughly excited about the interactive media studio who created it, Resn. They’re based in wondrous New Zealand and produce equally wondrous works.

Still image from Shapeshifter's website

Weekly Inspiration » Jim Gaylord

Jun 26, 2009 {0 Comments}

Just found out about talented Brooklyn painter Jim Gaylord on Booooooom. Check out these awesome, colorful, collage-y works.

Jim Gaylord painting A Wit Among Lords

Weekly Inspiration » Cisma’s “Le Sens Propre”

May 7, 2009 {0 Comments}

The short film “Le Sens Propre,” written and directed by Blacklist’s Cisma for Adobe’s Shortcut to Brilliant campaign for CS4, is a thoroughly delightful and imaginative childhood tale.

Still from Le Sens Propre by Cisma

Weekly Inspiration › “A Lilt” by Overture

Apr 28, 2009 {0 Comments}

Lovely creatures make music and dance in the wonderful animated piece “A Lilt” by Overture. The music, by Hauschka, is also very lovely and adds to the playfulness.

Animation still from A Lilt by Overture

Weekly Inspiration › Photographer Sarah Wilmer

Apr 14, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’m loving Sarah Wilmer’s filmic photographs. They are simultaneously playful and eerie, with a lovely cinematic sense.

Sarah Wilmer Photograph

Weekly Inspiration › Artist Frank Gonzales

Mar 16, 2009 {0 Comments}

Frank Gonzales creates paintings that appear to be digitally breaking apart as if they were compressed video. I love his portrayal of new technology through the use of traditional painting and subject matter.

Frank Gonzales' Painting Song Sparrow

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