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Spring in the Park Video

Mar 24, 2009 {0 Comments}

I set out to film the last of the cherry blossoms and captured the essence of the early (as usual!) LA spring.

Taming the Wolf Back Cover Painting Stages

Mar 21, 2009 {2 Comments}

I’m currently painting the back of the Taming the Wolf book cover. Here are stages one, four and eight. Only a few stages left to go, including the wolf and some details. The wolf may prove difficult as I am working from a number of photographs, some of which aren’t arctic (white) wolves. We’ll see!

Tracy Stone Taming the Wolf Back Cover Painting Stage 1

Tracy Stone Taming the Wolf Back Cover Painting Stage 4

Tracy Stone Taming the Wolf Back Cover Painting Stage 8

Weekly Inspiration › Artist Frank Gonzales

Mar 16, 2009 {0 Comments}

Frank Gonzales creates paintings that appear to be digitally breaking apart as if they were compressed video. I love his portrayal of new technology through the use of traditional painting and subject matter.

Frank Gonzales' Painting Song Sparrow

Pirates! Arrgh.

Mar 11, 2009 {0 Comments}

My new video. Belly dancers and mateys for some pirate-y goodness.

Weekly Inspiration › Artist Chad Robertson

Mar 11, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’ve admired Chad Robertson’s paintings for a number of years now. His new work is chaotic, frenetic awesomeness.

Chad Robertson Painting Mash-Up 13


Mar 11, 2009 {0 Comments}

Tracy Stone Clouds Photo

Tracy Stone Lay in the Grass Photo

The Windows Have It

Mar 10, 2009 {0 Comments}

Tracy Stone One Yellow Window Photo

Tracy Stone Two Yellow Windows Photo

Best WordPress Design Award

Mar 10, 2009 {0 Comments}

I’m entering this site in the Best WordPress Design Award contest in the Clean & Minimalist category. Wish me luck!

The Hills are Alive

Mar 10, 2009 {0 Comments}

Tracy Stone Hills with Sunlight Photo

Weekly Inspiration › Photographer Ellen Kooi

Mar 6, 2009 {0 Comments}

Beautiful, dreamy photographs by Ellen Kooi. She creates magical realist scenes with a fine sense of color and depth.

Ellen Kooi Photograph De Houtweilen

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